Drift Spa

Serenity, Luxury, Harmony.

Transcend into a realm of calm and balance in a spa sanctuary where nature’s beauty and innovative luxury rejuvenate your soul. Elevate your sense of wellness as you revitalize, renew and Drift away to luxurious tranquility at Drift Spa. Experience soothing serenity at Black Rock Oceanfront Resort, where the rhythms of sea, sand, sky and storm put you into harmony with the western edge of Vancouver Island.

Feed your body and spirit with natural essentials from the sea. With an exclusive line of body and skin care, Drift Spa features Seaflora wild, certified organic seaweed products made on Vancouver Island. Hand-harvested from the cold, clean Canadian Pacific Ocean, all natural, wild seaweed skincare products are nutrient rich with vitamins, minerals, and trace elements creating the most nourishing, healthy and vital seaweed skincare products for your body. Experience the richest seaweed flora in the world at Drift Spa.

Planning the perfect Vancouver Island spa getaway? Contact us to make your spa appointments at Drift Spa and begin your journey to paradise in Ucluelet, BC.

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Spa Services

Inspired by this Wild Pacific landscape, Drift Spa offers a new way to soak it in. Enjoy cleansing, revitalizing treatments drawn from the natural elements of this rich coast. Drift Spa features an extensive menu of rejuvenating and restorative body and skin treatments including, massage, facials, manicures, pedicures, hydrotherapy, body scrubs, wraps, soaks, and hot stone treatments. Facials use kelp from Pacific waters, natural sea oils, and rainforest botanicals. Body scrubs use sea salt, seaweed, and glacial mud sourced from Vancouver Island. Massage treatments restore muscles and melt away stress. Discover Drift Spa at Black Rock Resort today.

The power of touch therapy has many measurable benefits for the mind, body and energy system. All of our treatments combine both ancient and western techniques to enhance relaxation, provide pain relief and re-generate the body’s natural flow.

The Essential Massage

Offering light, medium, and firm pressure, this massage is uniquely made for you. Select one of our three Signature blends to enhance and personalize this treatment.

45 min $100.00
60 min $130.00
90 min $180.00
Couples (45 Min) $210.00
Couples (60 MIN) $270.00
Couples (90MIN) $370.00

Black Rock Therapeutic Massage

This firm pressure massage opens the energy within the body allowing tension and stress to release with ease. The warmth of Black Basalt Stones allows the body to release even the tightest muscles leaving you feeling relaxed and renewed.

45 min $105.00
60 min $130.00
90 min $185.00
Couples (45 Min) $220.00
Couples (60 MIN) $270.00
Couples (90MIN) $380.00

MAMA – Prenatal Massage

This treatment is designed to nurture both Mom and Baby by creating a relaxed and sacred space for the two energies to blend. Our practitioners create a soft nest of pillows that enhance comfort while easing away pain and discomfort through the power of massage. (not recommended in the first trimester)

60 min $125.00

Ancient Lava – Hot Stone Massage

Healing with stones born from the flow of lava is an ancient form of therapy used by many cultures throughout the ages. Hot basalt stones are placed in areas of the body to enhance stillness and energy flow while each stroke with the stone warms and relaxes the muscles.

90 min $185.00
Couples $380.00


Reflexology is based on the theory that areas of the feet correspond to specific organs and systems in the body. This treatment focuses on releasing toxins while creating a deep relaxing experience.

60 min $120.00


Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that attunes the energy flow within the body and allows for natural healing processes to occur. It works on the body, mind, heart, and soul. Reiki works with energy and is not a hands-on treatment. It will leave you feeling refreshed and clear-minded. We recommend loose-fitting, comfortable clothing for this session.

60 min $120.00

Chakra Balancing Massage

The 7 wheels called Chakras have been studied for centuries and are known to absorb and emit life force energy. Pure intention is used to awaken and balance each chakra through the movement of energy, light meditation and the power of touch therapy (massage). This treatment creates a place for you to resonate within your deepest spaces to restore harmony and balance.

60 min $130.00


Cedar Rose Seaweed Polish and Massage

This exfoliating and mood lifting body scrub will release and remove yesterday’s unwanted energy and worry. Following the soothing rinse, we massage the body with whipped Shea Butter infused with pure essential oils of Cedar Rose, one of our Signature Blends.

90 min $180.00
Couples $370.00

add a personalize facial 30 min $75.00

Rooted Within

This blend promises to find your deepest need and fulfill it with grounded energy. Begin with a deep inhalation of this sacred blend as you journey into a full body massage accompanied with a deep foot ritual following traditional reflex points promoting a state of release and well-being.

60 min $135.00
90 min $190.00
Couples 60 min $280.00
Couples 90 min $390.00

add a Foot scrub 15 min $35.00

Sacred Bloom – Perfect Balance

The vibration of creativity is inherent to the scent of Neroli and Frankincense, as gentle whispers of the rainforest lift your spirits and bring you closer to the creative energy that flows within you. A massage combined with energy techniques gathered from around the world to awaken and balance the chakra’s and meridian’s within the body.

75 min $160.00
Couples $330.00

add a scalp massage 15 min $35.00


Sea Weed Polish & Vichy Water Therapy – an invigorating cellulite treatment

The journey begins when we apply organic body polish infused with firming seaweed gel that targets cellulite, removes impurities and minimizes fluid retention. Relax as the Vichy Shower gently rains over the body rinsing the skin, relaxing the muscles and increasing blood flow. We finish this treatment with an application of organic wild sea kelp body lotion full of minerals, anti-oxidants and amino acids, for a youthful and smooth skin experience.

60 min $140.00

Nourishing Alaria Body Wrap – Detoxifying Clay Wrap

This purifying treatment begins with an application of Seaweed and Kaolin Clay to draw out toxins and inflammation. After a gentle rinse, you are wrapped in warm sheets infused with pure essential oils, a hydrating scalp massage will ease you into a still and relaxed state. This treatment is followed with a gentle moisturizing massage leaving the skin renewed, soft and nourished.

90 min $185.00

Wild Pacific Manicure Treatment

Relax in our cozy ocean view room and enjoy a healing experience.
Our mineral rich seaweed products support the release of toxins and inflammation while nourishing and hydrating. Your hands are treated to a scrub and massage using ancient techniques to open the flow of energy while grounding the body.

60 min $75.00

Wild Pacific Pedicure Treatment

Settle in and relax as your feet soak in a therapeutic whirlpool to soften and exfoliate the skin. Our mineral rich seaweed products support the release of toxins, inflammation, while nourishing and hydrating. Next, cuticles and calluses are addressed and your feet are treated to a scrub and massage using ancient techniques to open the flow of energy while grounding the body. Finally, your nails are shaped, buffed and the polish of your choice is applied.

75 min $90.00

Both the manicure and pedicure can be provided without polish.

Manicure 60 min. $65.00
Pedicure 60 min. $75.00


Organic Lift & Repair

Wild Organic Seaweeds combined with Ocean Mud re-hydrate, detoxify, firm and supply the highest quality vitamins and trace minerals. This facial combats free radicals while minimizing the appearance of fine lines leaving a youthful glow.

60 min $140.00

Includes a full scalp and foot massage.

Potent Calming Facial

Elements found in organic seaweed rich in anti-bacterial bio-actives treat inflammation and redness while protecting and healing the skin naturally. Using certified organic ocean mud that exfoliates, improves tone, elasticity and increases hydration levels is a true blessing for dry irritated skin.

Includes a full scalp and foot massage.

60 min $140.00

Ocean Fresh Facial

Nutrient-rich certified organic seaweed blended with Canadian Glacial Clay is the perfect way to support problematic skin by absorbing and balancing excess oil. Serums rich in vitamins A, C, E, and K nourish and hydrate the skin leaving a fresh matte finish.

Includes a full scalp and foot massage.

60 min $140.00

Organic Facial for Men

Marine botanicals nourish the skin with minerals that soothe and rejuvenate healthy cells. Includes a full scalp and foot massage.

60 min $120

Rainforest Reunion

Cedar Rose Scrub, full body massage, customized facial.

Begin with a body polish infused with our Signature blend, Cedar Rose to cleanse and purify mind and body. This scent is carried into a full body massage, followed with a customized facial using organic products made from the very ocean of this region.

Take home gift, Cedar Rose Signature Blend

3 hours $450.00
Couples $920.00

Wrapped in an Ocean of Abundance

Detoxing mud wrap, Therapeutic massage with warm stones & customized facial.

Nourishing ocean clay infused with the Signature bend of your choice is gently applied to your body promoting the release of toxins. After a gentle shower, we begin a therapeutic massage using warm stones to soften and release sore muscles. This ritual is followed by a customized facial and ends with a blessing clearing the energy with crystals and aroma breathing.

Take home gift, your chosen Signature blend

3 hours $450.00
Couples $920.00

Support any of the 60-minute treatments by adding:

Mini Facial $75
Eye Zone Treatment $30
Back Treatment $75
Scalp Massage $30
Foot Massage $30
30 Minute Massage $65

Facial Add-ons

Foot Scrub $30


30 min $65.00

Waxing Service

Available upon request

All rates are in Canadian Dollars.

Spa Packages

Drift Spa Hours:
9am to 5pm, 7 days a week

Phone: 250-726-4809
or 1-877-762-5011
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