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Serenity, Luxury, Harmony.

Transcend into a realm of calm and balance in a spa sanctuary where nature’s beauty and innovative luxury rejuvenate your soul. Elevate your sense of wellness as you revitalize, renew and Drift away to luxurious tranquility at Drift Spa. Experience soothing serenity at Black Rock Oceanfront Resort, where the rhythms of sea, sand, sky and storm put you into harmony with the western edge of Vancouver Island.

Feed your body and spirit with natural essentials from the sea. With an exclusive line of body and skin care, Drift Spa features Seaflora wild, certified organic seaweed products made on Vancouver Island. Hand-harvested from the cold, clean Canadian Pacific Ocean, all natural, wild seaweed skincare products are nutrient rich with vitamins, minerals, and trace elements creating the most nourishing, healthy and vital seaweed skincare products for your body. Experience the richest seaweed flora in the world at Drift Spa.

Planning the perfect Vancouver Island spa getaway? Contact us to make your spa appointments at Drift Spa and begin your journey to paradise in Ucluelet, BC.

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Phone: 250-726-4809 or 1-877-762-5011
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We highly recommend pre-booking your spa treatment before your arrival.

Drift Spa Hours of Operation:

Sunday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm

December 25th: Closed
January 1st: Closed

We require 24 hours notice of appointment cancellation, or a 50% cancellation fee applies.

Spa Services

Inspired by this Wild Pacific landscape, Drift Spa offers a new way to soak it in. Enjoy cleansing, revitalizing treatments drawn from the natural elements of this rich coast. Drift Spa features an extensive menu of rejuvenating and restorative body and skin treatments including, massage, facials, manicures, pedicures, hydrotherapy, body scrubs, wraps, and hot stone treatments. Facials use kelp from Pacific waters, natural sea oils, and rainforest botanicals. Body scrubs use sea salt, seaweed, and glacial mud sourced from Vancouver Island. Massage treatments restore muscles and melt away stress. Discover Drift Spa at Black Rock Resort today.

The power of touch therapy has many measurable benefits for the mind, body and energy system. All of our treatments combine both ancient and western techniques to enhance relaxation, provide pain relief and re-generate the body’s natural flow.

The Essential Massage

Offering light, medium or firm pressure, this massage is uniquely made for you.

60-minute $130.00 | 75-minutes $155.00 | 90-minute $180.00  Couples: 60-minute $280.00 | 75-minute $330 | 90-minute $380.00

Black Rock Signature Massage

This firm pressure massage and the warmth of Black Basalt Stones used in targeted areas, allow the body to release even the tightest muscles.

60-minute $135.00 | 75-minute $160.00 | 90-minute $185.00  Couples: 60-minute $290.00 | 75-minute $340.00 | 90-minute $390.00

Hot Stone Massage

Hot basalt stones penetrate your muscles to soothe aches and relieve stress.

90-minutes $185.00 | Couples: $390.00

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage 60-minutes $130.00

We do not perform massage during the first trimester.

Perfect Storm

A luxurious water treatment; incorporates an Aroma Hot Stone Massage, Thalasso Seaweed Gel Wrap and Vichy Shower Massage. Relaxing experience to relieve sore muscles, stimulate lymph circulation, which helps the body eliminate metabolic wastes, leaving you feel completely rejuvenated.

2-hour $275.00

Drift Away

Pamper yourself and drift away with this deeply relaxing experience. This treatment will help soften skin, exfoliate, hydrate and nourish head to toe. Indulge in our Body Wrap, Mini-Facial and 90-minute Massage.

3-hour $350.00 | Couples: $720

Sea Kelp Scrub & Massage

An exfoliating and clarifying body scrub; removes impurities while vitalizing and making skin smooth and unbelievably soft for days, followed by a nourishing massage.

90-minute $180.00
Couples: 90-minutes $380.00 (available in the Rain shower only)

Seaweed Polish & Vichy Water Therapy

An exfoliating treatment with whole organic seaweeds which allows prompt absorption of vital nutrients into the skin, removes impurities, reduces oiliness and eliminates aging cells, leaving your skin smooth and soft.  The finishing moisturizer intensely hydrates and nourishes depleted skin.

60-minute $140.00 | Add 30-minute massage $65.00

Nourishing Alaria Body Wrap – Detoxifying Clay Wrap

Wild seaweeds and natural oils create this highly therapeutic treatment to help detoxify and stimulate circulation. Excellent for swollen areas, cellulite, skin disorders, dehydration and an extra boost of essential nutrients to the skin.

90-minute $185.00
Couples: 90-minute $390.00 (available in the Rain shower only)

Manicure | 60-minute $65

Sports Manicure | 45-minute $55

Wild Pacific Manicure | 75-minute $80

Pedicure | 60-minute $75

Sports Pedicure | 60-minute $65

Wild Pacific Pedicure | 75-minute $90

Waxing available upon request

Sea Therapy Rejuvenating Facial

This best defense to aging rejuvenates and stimulates functions of elastin and collagen fibers within skin tissue and provides essential amino acids.

60-minutes $140.00 | Add 30-minute massage +$65.00 | Couples: $300

Sea Spray Calming Facial

Calm and reduce skin irritations with natural sea minerals to flush redness and nurture the most sensitive skin. Epidermis will feel supple, soothes and calms sensitive skin.

60-minute $140.00 | Add 30-minute massage +$65.00 | Couples: $300

Ocean Elements Facial

Nutrient rich certified organic seaweed blended with Canadian Glacial Clay is the perfect way to support problematic skin by absorbing and balancing excess oil.

60-minute $140.00 | Add 30-minute massage +$65.00 | Couples: $300

Men’s Marine Facial

Marine botanicals recharge the skin with minerals, soothes, strengthens and regenerates healthy cells.

60-minutes $140.00 | Add 30-minute massage +$65.00 | Couples: $300

Support any of the 60-minute treatments by adding:

Mini Facial | 30-minute $75.00

Eye Zone Treatment | 15-minute $30.00

Back Treatment | 30-minute $75.00

Scalp Massage | 15-minute $30.00

Foot Massage | 15-minute $30.00

Massage | 30-minute $65.00


Focusing on reflex areas of the feet to relieve tension throughout the body.

60-minute $120 | 45-minute $90 | 30-minute (add on) $60


Japanese energy technique for stress reduction and relaxation.

60-minute $100 | 45-minute $80 | 30-minute $60

Lomi Lomi

Ancient Hawaiian massage using movements that mimic the waves and tides of the sea; nourishing the body, flushing toxins, and calming the mind.

120-minute $200 (15 minute consultation time included in service time)

Craniosacral Therapy

Gentle Body work using subtle movements to create drastic improvements within the physical body; releasing restrictions and stagnant energy from the Central Nervous System.

90-minute $165 | 75-minute $140 | 60-minute $115

Cupping Therapy

Experience the deep healing effects of this ancient modality.  The suction/negative pressure of cupping invigorates local circulation of blood to the area being treated; decreasing pain, fascial restriction, muscle tightness, inflammation, and stagnation.  Enjoy the benefits of increased mobility and the calming sensation of flowing, life force energy.

90-minute $185 (full body) | 60-minute $135 (targeted areas or first time)

Private Yoga and Meditation

Enjoy private yoga, one on one, or in a group up to four.

1 hour $75


Alternative therapies are enjoyed in the Private Suite and available by request only.

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