Focusing on reflex areas of the feet to relieve tension throughout the body.

60-minute $120 | 45-minute $90 | 30-minute (add on) $60


Japanese energy technique for stress reduction and relaxation.

60-minute $100 | 45-minute $80 | 30-minute $60

Lomi Lomi

Ancient Hawaiian massage using movements that mimic the waves and tides of the sea; nourishing the body, flushing toxins, and calming the mind.

120-minute $200 (15 minute consultation time included in service time)

Craniosacral Therapy

Gentle Body work using subtle movements to create drastic improvements within the physical body; releasing restrictions and stagnant energy from the Central Nervous System.

90-minute $165 | 75-minute $140 | 60-minute $115

Cupping Therapy

Experience the deep healing effects of this ancient modality.  The suction/negative pressure of cupping invigorates local circulation of blood to the area being treated; decreasing pain, fascial restriction, muscle tightness, inflammation, and stagnation.  Enjoy the benefits of increased mobility and the calming sensation of flowing, life force energy.

90-minute $185 (full body) | 60-minute $135 (targeted areas or first time)

Private Yoga and Meditation

Enjoy private yoga, one on one, or in a group up to four.

1 hour $75


Alternative therapies are enjoyed in the Private Suite and available by request only.