Sea Kelp Scrub & Massage

An exfoliating and clarifying body scrub; removes impurities while vitalizing and making skin smooth and unbelievably soft for days, followed by a nourishing massage.

90-minute $180.00
Couples: 90-minutes $380.00 (available in the Rain shower only)

Seaweed Polish & Vichy Water Therapy

An exfoliating treatment with whole organic seaweeds which allows prompt absorption of vital nutrients into the skin, removes impurities, reduces oiliness and eliminates aging cells, leaving your skin smooth and soft.  The finishing moisturizer intensely hydrates and nourishes depleted skin.

60-minute $140.00 | Add 30-minute massage $65.00

Nourishing Alaria Body Wrap – Detoxifying Clay Wrap

Wild seaweeds and natural oils create this highly therapeutic treatment to help detoxify and stimulate circulation. Excellent for swollen areas, cellulite, skin disorders, dehydration and an extra boost of essential nutrients to the skin.

90-minute $185.00
Couples: 90-minute $390.00 (available in the Rain shower only)